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Our Drive

We are a team of Business Development experts driven by the spirit of working with entrepreneurs by providing them with innovative solutions that drive growth and sustainability of their businesses.

At TAPBDS we are dedicated to transforming SMEs and cooperatives in the multi-sector settings including agribusinesses, manufacturing, service industry and retail by developing customized solutions. We support enterprises to improve operations, making sound investment decisions, access financing and markets in the local, regional and international scale. 

"A team of Business Development Experts "

TAPBDS knows your

TAPBDS has unique expertise and a range of services and products that are critical for every industry to become futureproof. It all starts from understanding the needs and preferences of our individual customers and client organizations.

Agriculture Sector

We understand the value of the sector in improving livelihoods of rural communities and achieving sustainable inclusive economic development.

Manufacturing Sector

Implementing effective industrialization is inevitable for any developing nation and BDS remains substantial along the process.

Retail Sector

Retailers face recurrent pressure on growing sales and maintaining profits given customer preference dynamics affecting value propositions operating models.

Service Sector

As the industry continues to evolve, TAPBDS draws upon its expertise to develop innovative solutions that help SMEs in the sector achieve effective customer experience

Strategic Direction


To transform enterprises into sustainable ventures through training, coaching, linkages and consultancies.


A trusted centre of excellence in the provision of business development services.


Innovation, Integrity and Partnership.

How we Work

Expertise and professionalism take the lead to ensure we achieve results.


We work with our client organizations to deliver our services to target SMEs, individual farmers and farmer organizations countrywide. Here is where we help public and private institutions, corporates, local and international NGOs, UN Agencies and International Development partners achieve social and economic development goals.

Direct sales to SMEs/Cooperatives

All our service packages are always accessible even beyond project scopes. Under this approach entrepreneurs enjoy our services at any time when needed. We reach them out online and physically.


We believe in working with others where applicable for integrated value maximization. We are always happy to partner with dedicated consultants and/or organizations on either short or long term basis according to the nature of the relationship all to ensure our customers get the best.

Our services

Capacity building

To be productive and competitive learning is inevitable. Through the need assessment processes, we design, develop and deliver customized training packages. Some of our training packages include enterprise growth planning, business planning, agribusiness management, marketing, financial management, organizational management and governance. 

Coaching and Mentoring

The global business environment is ever changing where those who quickly respond to resulting dynamics climb up the ladder.  We bridge the experience roadblocks that affect most of the businesses when it comes to implementing a new business idea, integrating a new business model or any best business management practice.


Financial and market linkages

Access to finance and markets are among major bottlenecks to investment and cash flow for SMEs and smallholder farmers. We support our clients to unlock these barriers by using both personalized and inclusive financing and market access models that work. We ensure every relevant stakeholder is part of the process to achieve a common goal. 


Our team is always on to provide technical assistance to our customers and client organizations whenever needed. This facet encompass multiple professional business development services including:

  • Advisory support services
  • Formalization and compliance facilitation services

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