Innovative solutions

It all starts from understanding the needs and preferences of our individual customers and client organizations  to delivering innovative SME solutions.  


To be productive and competitive learning is inevitable. Through the need assessment processes, we design, develop and deliver customized training packages. Some of our training packages include enterprise growth planning, business planning, agribusiness management, marketing, financial management, organizational management and governance. All our facilitators are well equipped and certified to impart skills to potential entrepreneurs, individual enterprises and farmer organizations using practical adult learning approaches.

Coaching and

The global business environment is ever changing where those who quickly respond to resulting dynamics climb up the ladder.  We bridge the experience roadblocks that affect most of the businesses when it comes to implementing a new business idea, integrating a new business model or any best business management practice.

Our SME and organizational specific coaching and mentoring programs comprise among others incorporation of startup strategies, financial management, financing and investment readiness, marketing and sales strategies, internationalization, enterprise growth strategies, project management, business modeling and organizational restructuring.   

Financial and
market linkages

Access to finance and markets are among major bottlenecks to investment and cash flow for SMEs and smallholder farmers. We support our clients to unlock these barriers by using both personalized and inclusive financing and market access models that work. We ensure every relevant stakeholder is part of the process to achieve a common goal. 


Our team is always on to provide technical assistance to our customers and client organizations whenever needed. This facet encompass multiple professional business development services including:

  • Advisory support services
  • Formalization and compliance facilitation services
  • Market surveys and strategy development
  • Direct marketing interventions
  • Research projects
  • Project monitoring and evaluation interventions
  • Business performance evaluations
  • Business plan development
  • Strategic and growth plans development
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Support on filing of annual returns
  • Project planning and implementation
Available international standard tools and
models you will find at TAPBDS

Diagnostic tool

(International Trade Centre) - this tool enables our experts to carry out an in depth enterprise assessment and benchmark specific need driven training, coaching or advisory solutions to SMEs/Cooperatives.


SIYB Manuals (International Labor Organization)

 A Skills Kit encompassing a set of training packages entrepreneurs need from the idea generation and startup stages to sustainability of the business, with innovative Adult Learning delivery methods.



We join other experts in the region and around the globe to unleash large scale systemic change for the benefit of the productive poor by adopting the Making Markets Work for the Poor model.


Cigar Box:

Using this internationally approved toolkit, we assist agribusiness entrepreneurs in emerging markets to easily establish the costs of goods, margins, contributions, break-even quantity and profitability in their businesses.

Currently Developed

Lima Salama Crop Insurance

protecting farmers against natural disasters and climate change related risks

Mavuno App

Market information platform facilitating linkage among farmers, SMEs and respective support institutions in agricultural value chains.